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ALBERG has become a standout in the industry because of our legendary commitment to service. We leverage our established network of industry relationships to help architects and designers realize their unique vision in a timely, cost-effective manner.



Alberg Team Photo
  • Christine Alberg

    Principal Mover & Shaker

    Christine has been bringing her infectiously positive attitude, unwavering motivation and Snoopy-like optimism to the world of design for many years. When she's not working tirelessly for her clients, Christine can be found in a fabulous chair, relaxing with a glass of wine and a cat in her lap.

  • Tim Alberg

    Professor of Furniture

    As a professor, Tim thrives on research and finding solutions to design and esthetic problems. He revels in the unknown, the "what if" and finding meaning in mystery. Tim loves to use words he can't pronounce or spell, like "sagacious" and "perspicacious."

  • Sue Erickson

    Purveyor of Light

    After 35 years as a commercial construction project manager, Sue excels at putting out fires, is able to juggle numerous projects at one time, is a consoler with an ear/shoulder for others to share. She loves a good "one liner" and is thrilled to exercise her fetish of paper, forms, spreadsheets, pens, pencils and spec books.


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